Club Penguin Online Shutsdown Due To A DMCA Complaint

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Club Penguin Online, one of Club Penguin's most massive fan servers, closed on Friday after The Walt Disney Company issued a DMCA removal notice earlier this week. According to the BBC, a London man was arrested on charges of child pornography.

The unlicensed revival of the popular children's social network, Club Penguin Online, is one of the largest replicas. On the site, which has now been removed from this week, Club Penguin Online claims that the game will not work "after May 2020" Because of a copyright case. The note, which is available in its entirety through the Lumen nonprofit database, states that the website "is an unauthorized version of this Club Penguin game and uses copyrighted content".

Club Penguin Online appears to be in agreement; the site is no longer offered as a result of this DMCA removal.

"If someone tries to liven up the game, it will be a big challenge now because you will have to worry about Disney and, frankly, it's not worth it," said the administrator.

The BBC investigation showed that Club Penguin Online was not moderated by employees and was full of anti-Semitic and racist content. A guy from London associated with the site was arrested on charges of having images of child abuse. This guy was released on bail. It is unclear whether the arrest of child pornography was associated with broader project moderation issues.

Club Penguin Online and Disney did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Verge. However, Disney told the BBC on Friday: "Child safety is a priority for Walt Disney Company, and we are horrified by allegations of criminal activity and abnormal behavior against this unauthorized site that is currently using the Club Penguin brand and materials for its purposes."

Disney continued: "We are continuing to enforce our rights in this regard, as well as other unauthorized uses of this Club Penguin game."

After a dramatic drop in customer numbers over the years, based on TechCrunch, Disney bought Club Penguin in 2007 and officially ended the game in January 2017. After its closure, Disney released Club Penguin Island, which met with much criticism from fans of the older set because of the lack of features in the game. At the end of 2018, Disney closed Club Penguin Island.

Due to the closure in 2017, people started releasing their versions of the game, such as Club Penguin Rewritten and Club Penguin Online, so that fans can continue to play games.

Former fans of Minecraft, Club Penguin and Webkinz have returned to their previous games because distance orders have come into effect around the world. This spring, the artist Soccer Mommy along with the music played in Club Penguin Rewritten as part of a wave of literary concerts.

"We'd like to thank everyone for making this trip an unforgettable and enjoyable one, regardless of the rocky ending," said the blog on the Club Penguin Online blog.

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